Mobile App Security

Mobile Application Security epitomizes the amalgamation of refined techniques and methods employed to shield mobile applications from security threats and vulnerabilities.

What Is Mobile Application Security?

Mobile Application Security epitomizes the amalgamation of refined techniques and methods employed to shield mobile applications from security threats and vulnerabilities. The prime objective of mobile application security solutions is to preserve the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the data within a company’s application. Given the ubiquity of mobile apps, their diverse platforms, and the handling of sensitive information, these applications inherently stand vulnerable to security risks.”

Why Do We Need Mobile Application Security?

Mobile application security stands as an eminent necessity for esteemed organizations, holding multifaceted importance. Its essence extends beyond preserving customer data and thwarting unauthorized access; it encompasses fostering user trust and promoting sustained app engagement. Mobile application security services offer more than fortification—they serve as robust bulwarks against breaches and malware, fortifying the app’s resilience. Furthermore, these security measures epitomize compliance with pivotal regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA, averting legal repercussions and preserving the organization’s stature. Imposing standards play a pivotal role in continuous risk mitigation, encouraging seamless collaboration between development and security teams, expediting high-quality releases. At JPCYS, we champion the integration of standards-based mobile app security testing and certification. Prominent frameworks like OWASP MASVS, ADA MASA, ioXt, NIAP, and others are integral to our meticulous approach, ensuring the app’s integrity and adherence to the highest benchmarks. This dedication to industry best practices reinforces trust and fortifies the digital landscape, exemplifying our commitment to cybersecurity excellence.”

What Are The Different Types Of Security Tests?

Static Application
Security Testing

With 36 different test cases, JPCYS SAST can detect almost every vulnerability that’s lurking around by analyzing your source code. Our tests cover security compliances like OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other commonly used security threat parameters.

Dynamic Application
Security Testing

Detect advanced vulnerabilities while your application is running. JPCYS DAST simulates actual attacks on our test environment to analyze, detect and plug those pesky vulnerabilities that can fall prey to runtime and network attacks like MITM.

Application Programming
Interface (Api) Testing

Quite different than SAST or DAST, JPCYS’s APIT tests the server-side of your application. JPCYS API scan captures API’s at requested endpoints and runs 15+ tests on each of these API’s to detect vulnerabilities that may compromise the security of the app servers

Manual Application
Security Testing

Nevertheless, the human mind is much sharper than a machine. Hence JPCYS MAST in our security testing Services that utilizes experienced security researchers to test vulnerabilities in your app. The Report will be designed with it’s exploitation as well.

Remediation For Mobile

Prioritize remediation with a research-driven security evaluation guided by OWASP security standards. JPCYS remediation framework is designed to help development teams understand and remediate vulnerabilities without slowing down on SDLC.

Mobile Application
Performance Testing

Our team makes a point to reduce external testing cost as well as shorten the amount of time needed to deliver an app to market including the Application Security. We can also add Stress Testing, Load Testing, Capacity Testing and Spike Testing with value addition.

What Makes Us Different. See Why Global Brands Trust Us

On Demand Penetration Testing

Today’s threats are stealthier, more hostile and pave the way for dangerous espionage. The JPCYS pentest team is adequately equipped to detect and neutralize these threats way before an actual attack.

Best-In-Class Dast & Api Testing

Your choice to manage risk across your enterprise. JPCYS Dynamic Application Security Testing and API scan allows your developers to meet aggressive timelines.

Flexible Engagement Model

Every business faces unique IT challenges. JPCYS offers flexible deployment models and a variety of engagement approaches crystalizing your security requirements.

Compliance And Regulations

Global concerns regarding your data privacy. JPCYS continuously tracks and provide your apps for compliance gaps like HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, OWASP, CCPA, VPPA.

Future Ready

Its time to modernize and be future proof. JPCYS Mobile App pretesting Services supports the modernization journey that lets you move at a pace that makes sense to you

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